Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty as a Picture!

There's been a lot of visual prettiness around here recently. My youngest pupil brought me a picture of the two of us today:
Yesterday afternoon I found a few of my new purchaces in the ironing pile...
... for a while it became more interesting to gather my nicest French embroideries and iron them...
... than to do the shirts!
The little village scene comes from a napkin holder (at least that's what I think these little bags are):
I've found some beautiful embroidery on these bags, and no-one seems to value them any more.
This beautiful scene, covering all seasons, is half of a wonderful cloth which elizabethd gave me when we met last month.I found this emboridered woolen picture at a VG last week.
This is a teatowel - these could also be one of the things I'd be prepared to sell (thanks so much for your thoughts and advice below, BTW - I am going to take my time to think about it).Its wonderful black background leads us on to the next set of visual prettiness, prepared by Son 1 while he's been off school ill...He's gathered together his origami books, old and new, and used origami paper to make some of his favourite models.This one's a tadpole, in case you were wondering!
Son 2, however, has been inspired by his geometry lessons at College.He had a real challenge producing a design a bit like this for homework, then next thing we know, he's doing it for fun!This is another circle made with straight lines - he thinks it's magic!
A last visual treat for you, but a tasty one for us - breakfast grapes from the vine over Ben's pergola. We finally netted them to keep the birds off.
Goodbye for now and enjoy your Wednesday!


Pomona said...

Lovely pretty pictures! And pictures like the one above make it all worth while! Sometimes little embroidered flat bags are for hankies - don't know if the French ever made handkerchief bags?

Pomona x

Michela said...

Wow! Lot of prettyness today, thank you for sharing! Lucky you to have your own grapes, we had a vineyard until last year and produced homemade wine!
What a pity that the link to your future shop is broken! Hope you can fix it soon!

Cal said...

Wow. What a creative family. The embroideries are lovely and particularly the picture of the autumn tree. Loved son 1's origami and son 2's geometric designs. And what a pretty picture from your student. x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

How sweet! Those gifts are the ones which mean the most! It also makes you feel appreciated . Lovely embroidered linens. I really like the one of the varied seasons.
Isabelle x

LissyLou said...

AWWW I love pictures from kids - so special x

Lululiz said...

Your sons are so clever, right little artists they are.

The embroidered linens are gorgeous, and things like that are the only things I really enjoy ironing. Shirts? I have trained DH to them himself. Other stuff? Only when needed, lol, if I can get away with it. Vintage fabricy finds are lovingly laundered, scented, ironed, folded, and admired of course.

Ah, that, is that not the most heartwarming picture? How wonderful to have such a good relationship with your pupil.

bad penny said...

All so lovely Floss what a treat to see them xx

The Curious Cat said...

What wonderful pictures - life is bright and full of colour eh? xxx

Sarah said...

OH, what lovely goodies. Love the village scene one.
I love it when my 2 boys do drawings, but I think we need another house to put them all in!

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely pictures Floss, thanks for sharing :)

Angela said...

Another challenge for your son - give him a circle of paper with a dot marked somewhere in it [NOT the centre]Now fold the paper till the edge JUST touches the dot. Crease well, unfold. Repeat with fold in different place. Keep on repeating - and see what shape is generated round the dot. Repeat with another same sized circle and dot in a different place. This used to keep my girls occupiued for hours!

Florence and Mary said...

Aren't childrens drawings the best!

Victoria x

beck said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures and lovely linens. It's so nice to have pretty things around you. I especially love the little house embroidery xo

Sarah said...

Isn't it funny how enjoyable ironing can be when it's something special you are trying to make beautiful. I loved the iron last night when I was sewing No.2's nightie. All the puckers come out nicely!

I just love kids drawings! I remember doing something like that drawing with lots of lines to make a circle. Aren't little people great at drawing people too? I must show you No.4's first person she drew yesterday. So cute. She did some writing today as well apparently.

juanitatortilla said...

Those geometric shapes ARE magic!
Fantastic job. I would have never thought of working with shapes really.

Looking forward to hearing more about the 'Floss Shop'!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Floss , I learnt a new word !

I like the drawings and the origami very much.
What about the one you got from your pupil I think this is a sign for a teacher that he/she is on the wrigth path if you understand what I mean...I think this is the most precious gift one can get from a pupil.
The embroideries are great, too.

Serenata said...

Isn't it special when a student draws you a picture. I have a lovely picture drawn for me by a five year old pupil. :-)

Mami said...

I'm glad to hear your kindly comment about my post(:about blogging)
So i can figure out now.Thank you.
(i dont know your email address.)