Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ben's Rentrée

Ben's lectures in Lyon start today! He's taking a break from work (partly funded by them) to do an MBA. He's really fallen on his feet for accommodation, as a new colleague owns a flat near the university which he can't currently live in - so Ben is his paying guest! It's a whole lot nicer than a student flat, I can tell you... He's coming home every weekend, but the boys and I do hope to pop up there every now and then, to get to know another part of France. We will keep you posted!


Primroses Attic said...

That is really lucky. Hope you have fun finding out about another part of france.

magsmcc said...

Oh do keep us all posted. I've only ever driven through that mountain motorway tunnel high above Lyon, but would love to see more of it! Good luck to Ben x

Fat Dormouse said...

If you do come over this way and fancy meeting another Blogger, we're only about 45 mins-1 hour drive away!

I'm over in your direction next week too - I'm coming to Ange's "Opening Doors" weekend!