Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello friends!
Oohh, surfacing here, after a long time of busy work and trying to sort difficult things out. I did manage to buy the enamel mug, above, at a rainy Vide Grenier, though! We are all well and enjoying a bit of sunshine, finally... How are you all?


Angela said...

Welcome back, Floss! Life is busy here too - and HOT these last 2 days, so I have had to slow down a little.

Is it really TWO years since we all met up for that fab day at the V&A?? How time flies

Hope you and your menfolk all well - summer blessings xx

Lorrie said...

So nice to see a post from you pop up. Hope the difficult things smooth out for you. Lovely little enamel mug.

Frances said...

Good to see this post from you, Floss.

I think that lots of us have got much on our daily view aside from blogging as spring turns into summer.

Please do post again when you've got the mood mixed with the minutes.


Pearly Queen said...

Nice to see you back!


Janice said...

Well, with any luck the days of rainy vide greniers are over for this summer. I love the mug. Jx