Monday, November 5, 2012

Shiny front door

I think I told you, back in September, that not only was I busy at work, but that I also had a front door to paint!
Our door was completely sound, but it had a couple of problems - Raja the cocker spaniel had scratched away at the 20+ year old varnish:
(Lovely Christmas wreath by a member of our local MOPS group, but weathered varnish quite visible...)
And the varnish was orange - no two ways about it. Cute summer wreaths can only hide so much varnish.
And orange varnish on the inside of the door (never photographed, because it was so horrible) made the whole of our entrance area dark and miserable. The light dawned when I stuck a white poster (Kings and Queens of England, from The Times) on the inside of the door and the whole living room lit up! I knew I had to paint the inside of the door shiny white (no photos yet - I have a few last things to arrange in the area) and Ben and I decided on Basque red, the same as our gate, for the outside:
This is the only photo where the colour really comes out, but here are a few other angles:

Did you spot the hen door mat?
I bought it for myself as a treat, for when the door was finished... it went down on Friday afternoon!
At the moment, I'm enjoying the pristine finish too much to add anything to decorate the door, but it was fun looking back over photos of what I've done in the past!
For Christmas, though, I'll certainly be contacting Amy to see if she's making her wonderful Christmas wreaths again! I'm happy enough creating my own seasonal efforts, but nothing beats Amy's proper wreaths for Christmas...


marigold jam said...

Love red front doors - so welcoming and your white inside job sounds good too to lighten things up. Well done!

magsmcc said...

When you said basque red I didn't really appreciate how basque you meant! You even have the Bastide bolts! So very lovely- amazing job!! Definitely think that Christmas wreaths need to thrill your heart, and those of passers-by!

polkadotpeticoat said...

That is the prettiest front door ever, you did an amazing job.....this is what we do for a living so I know how much work went into!
Thank you Floss for all your sweet comments over the years.

Lorrie Orr said...

I love the red front door. It looks so shiny and pretty that I completely understand why you don't want to fuss with a wreath just now. And a green Christmas wreath will look stunning against the red.

Vintage Jane said...

I love that colour. Isn't it amazing what a difference a coat of shiny paint can make to a tired front door. M x

Juanita said...

I love the new and shiny red look. Since I have no experience about painting, did it require stripping of the old varnish? Had this job been left to me, you could definitely see brush streaks! :D
Now we just need to keep reminding Raja to keep her paws off it.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Thumbs up for the new colour!
It looks great!

Frances said...

Your shiny red door with its marvelous hardware is a beauty...very welcoming!

You've done a marvelous job...isn't it wonderful when something you've been pondering for a while (sometimes for me, a long while) actually gets tackled and completed.

(The new mat looks great, too.) xo

Angela said...

Wonderful Door. I love doors - especially ones that swing open and welcome you in warmly!

Re comment on my blog - Christmas gifts for men- ALL the men in the family are getting warm woolly hats this year [Sailors Society pattern] I am knitting them in pairs - and each gift has a label explaining the 2nd hat has gone to a merchant seafarer. In the past [when I had a bit more cash] I would get those tubs from Maplin or B&Q containing assorted cable ties, or small plastic clamps, or packs of coloured electrical tape. Always incredibly useful for blokes who Make and Mend stuff.
Not posting that on my blog yet as the men in my family read it!!!