Thursday, December 8, 2011

Somerset - 20th December - Any chance of a meet-up?

Well, friends, I've had a bit of a think and done a bit of planning, and the result is that I'm going to have a free day in Somerset on Tuesday December 20th.The boys and I will be at Ben's parents' farm, and my generous parents in law have told me that I can have their car and they will take the boys and I can escape (weather permitting) for a day! So where am I going? Nostalgia calls - specifically Niki's Nostalgia at Number 1, in Shepton Mallet. Niki is an incredibly popular blogger, crafter and shop-owner, yet she is also one of the kind bloggers who first started replying to my comments, and commenting on my own posts, when I started blogging nearly 3 years ago. I will check with her nearer the time that she'll be in the shop that day, but all being well in terms of weather she'll be open and I intend to visit!

What else will I get up to that day? Well, it depends if any of you other bloggers would like to meet up. I realise that it's very close to Christmas and might not work out for people, but I just thought I'd leave it open and see if anyone in the area will be free. Let me know!


Vintage Jane said...

Hiya - I can take a bit of time off work and meet up for a coffee or something if you are coming my way. Let me know as you firm up plans and I'll see what I can do ... M x

Happy said...

Dear Floss
If I can organise childcare I'd love to meet for a cup of tea - maybe in Shepton Mallet or Wells so that it's not far from Niki's shop? I'll see what I can sort out for childminding and let you know. Hey, maybe if there's a few of us we can have a little tea party in a cafe?

Thecraftytrundler said...

Too far away I'm afraid!! Hope you have a lovely meet up : ) Sounds just perfect!!

Sharon xx

June said...

I would have loved to meet up with a fellow blogger but work commitments have me in Hampshire! Have a wonderful time!

Carol said...

So envious of you visting Niki's shop. I follow her blog and love all her makeovers and creations, absolutely wonderful, talented lady.
Hope you have a lovely time over here. Carol xx