Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brocante in Big Sky Country

I needed an antedote to a week and a half's work on shutters - even thought it went along with fantastic family meals prepared straight from the garden, I was needing a bit of a change today! So two hours ago I drove off into le Gers, which I always think of as my own Big Sky Country...
I was following this sign, which I'd spotted on our local roundabout last week...I do prefer the prices and the wonderful open-air nature of Vide Greniers, but a braderie at a brocante (a closing down sale at an antique shop) really did draw me in!I've been to this brocante before, when we had a rental house not too far from it on our arrival in France. I found the prices of the big stuff quite overwhelming, and didn't yet have my eye in for the small things I've come to cherish and collect over the intervening years.
But it's worth showing you some photos of the 'big stuff', which the brocanteuse had put outside (in the frequent showers). It's worth a gawp - go on, what catches your eye?
Would you snap up those bed ends? I would, given the right circumstances...
And they'd clearly been serving coffee on their antique garden tables - what a nice idea.
Look, shutters! But not at all like ours - more on those to follow (when we actually get them finished).
So, go on, what would you have bought? This is what I picked up - I'll clean it all up and show you tomorrow!
The big sky was wonderful after a week staring at woodwork. The sunflowers in the fields (grown for oil) were also wonderfully cheering.
I was delighted to spot a little patch of 'volunteers' by the edge of an empty field. These self-seeded sunflowers will never be harvested, so I think they're fair game!
They do look cheerful in the house on a gloomy day!


summerfete said...

Oh you lucky thing!
I know the excitement of passing a brocante sign!
I just blogged about this years finds.
Roll on next year!


I would love shutters somewhere in the house!

helen tilston said...

I like your find.
The field of sunflowers is an added bonus

marigold jam said...

Pretty sunflowers - so bright and cheerful aren't they? What fun poking through all the things at the braderie - lucky you!

Alix said...

Those tins look interesting - can't wait to see your purchases post clean up!

VintageVicki said...

Stop making me wish we were heading to France for our hols - have fond memories of fields of sunflowers and that wonderful french garden furniture.

Look forward to seeing your finds tomorrow :)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Floss
I enjoyed tagging along on your brocante trip!!
I love the pretty outdoor round table and wrought iron chairs and i would make lovely cushions to sit on!!
Did you check the prices?
I too adore the huge happy sunflowers - who could resist!!!!
Shane :))

Sherri B. said...

What a fun day..I would have trouble choosing what to get but for sure the water pump would have to come along.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words. xo

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

The rocking cradle!! It's so sweet. And the bed ends and the shutter. The man would have had a fit, but I would have loved them anyway. Love the look of old and worn looking furniture. The shutter would be hung on a wall by the bed like a picture. A pretty quilt on the bed. Roses on the bedside table... Right, back to reality!

Happy said...

It looks like a great place to rummage and find some treasures! My biggest problem would be choosing just one item ;-)
I love the sunflowers - so evocative. I hope all is well with you Floss, and that you have a lovely summer planned :-)

harmony and rosie said...

I'd definitely be tempted by the bed ends (not that we need any, of course!), also a garden furniture set and I like the look of those ultra large parasols too.

Just as well I wasn't there I guess!

Tabiboo said...

That is one of my all time favourite words - brocante.

Nina x

ps. the plait was my daughters hair - I have horrible frizzy curls that won't do anything for me........but curl! N x

Kit said...

From a person from "Big Sky Country Montana" I love your big sky where you are at. Such a great market and I love that shutter! Kit