Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holiday Table...

You know the holidays are here when the table looks like this after lunch: The evidence is stacking up:

  1. There are only three plates so it isn't the weekend, but...

  2. There are archaeology books on the table (our new town newsletter contains news of prehistoric remains found in the field next to the school, so we are checking the contents of our newly-dug trench to see if we have any remains ourselves.)

  3. Mum has bought a rare bottle of Coke to share.

  4. There are insect books on the table (Son 1 was terrified by a huge waspy-thing which Mum reluctantly killed for him, and then we looked it up... it was a wood wasp... not a stinging one... won't kill one again...)

  5. There are geological and archaeological samples from the trench on the corners of the table (Mum being over-relaxed?) and a test slate to check if the big white lump of stone was, indeed, chalk. And yes, it was!

So the holidays are here (I'm down to about one lesson per day) and the boys have been off school a few days - longer in the case of Son 1, who has had an operation to remove some lumps of bone from his knee, and played in last night's end of year piano concert with his leg in a substantial brace - can you see it? He's doing well now and can't wait to be mobile and allowed in the pool again!Here's a photo of Son 2 being obscured by the concert organiser! He played much later into the night - it's always a lovely, relaxed, late-night affair, where you can watch the swallows being replaced by the bats as the evening wears on.


Here's to the holidays!


polkadotpeticoat said...

These are the best Holidays....we have 7 weeks left of ours!

Squirrelhaus said...

I hope you find some wonderful remains in the ditch!!! Happy Holidays to you all!!! Enjoy!
Chris :o)

Pomona said...

Hope you have a really lovely summer holiday, and that you will find time to pop over and enter my giveaway!

Pomona x

VintageVicki said...

I hope Son1 is soon fully mobile and able to make the most of the hols.

I love treating the boys to something special for lunch in the hols - anything to break the term-time monotonous packups.

Carol said...

Wishing Son1 a quick return to full mobility and that you enjoy the holidays.
Our granddaughter, now 17, has let us know she wants to visit "for longer" this summer, I said "you'll be bored" she says "never!" She is waiting to go into the Army nursing (fingers crossed it all gets approved) so she can stay just as long as she wants.
Talking of insects, look what a wonderful creature I discovered whilst gardening the other day. we do get some lovely moths here but I have never seen one so beautiful - or huge!
Carol xx

Floss said...

Hi Carol - thanks for the link - I ADORE those moths! We took some photos of a very battered and elderly hawk moth earlier this year but I think your Elephant Hawk Moths are the best of all.

Sue said...

I'm glad it's the holidays for you, it's always so much more relaxed when there's no school. It must be a huge relief to have the operation over and I wish him a speedy recovery. One of my cats bought in an Elephant Hawk Moth the other day, I put a photo on the blog but had to look it up as I had no idea what it was but it was definitely large and really pretty colouring.